Sunday, 15 February 2015

Leprecian Robots

As well as being my main league for Pulp Alley, I also intend to use the Leprecians in games of Rogue Trader or Gates of Antares. I was looking around for some heavy support for them and spotted the British Automated Infantry over at Clockwork Goblin Although they were designed for Weird War III games I though that they would fit in perfectly with the British uniform style of the Leprecians. I bought 5 of them and while they were fiddly to assemble and required a lot of drilling and pinning I think they are well worth it.

They come with a choice of 2 guns each so you end up with some nice spares. As I got more confident I was able to repose the arms and legs a bit. If I was to do them again I am sure I could make the poses even more dynamic. 

I did actually paint them in a two-tone green and brown camouflage but the washes and weathering seem to blur the two colours into one. A lesson learnt; more contrast in colour choices next time. 

Captain Jameson and two robots.


  1. Those are great John, just perfect for adding some more sci-fi flavour to the force without spoiling the retro elements. Im looking forward to seeing them in hand.

  2. Thanks Gordon, always nice to get a compliment :)