Thursday, 14 March 2013

I finished the last 2 figures and the present was ready just in time for my friends birthday. Here are the last 2 parts of the set.

First up is the Doctor himself in the guise of (almost) everyones favourite Doctor Tom Baker's 4th Doctor. The miniature is by Black Tree Design and is a great likeness of the actor/character and he even comes with a bag of Jellybabies! Hopefully I did him justice. I would just like to point out that BTD had this item in my hands within 4 days of my ordering it. Thanks very much to whoever sped that order along.

And finally, what Dalek army would be complete without the Doctors archnemesis, evil genius, genocidal maniac creator of the Daleks and all round nice guy....Davros. Initially I had resigned myself to using another BTD figure for Davros, but at the last moment Andy over at Aintsy got in touch to say he had one of the original Citadel figures and he sent it to me post haste. Thanks very much for that - and the bonus that came with it  ;) Apologes if the photos aren't that great but its late.

Thats the end of that project - now its on to sorting out my orcs.