Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dr Who & the Daleks

Next up are the Daleks from Citadels old plastic box set. The 5 of these that were painted when they arrived didn't clean up quite as well as the Cybermen but nothing too bad. I just want to say something about painting Daleks -those bloody domes on the chasis are a right pain in the arse. There are 56 on each Dalek - I painted 18 Daleks, that's 1008 small domes to be painted. I was a nervous wreck by the end of it. I'm sure anyone who has painted Daleks before knows what I mean.

First up are the Dalek Drones that make up the bulk of the horde. I painted 15 of these guys, using Vallejo & GW paints. The main body is London Grey with a wash of Badab Black. Metal bits are Vallejo Silver and the domes are Black. I then sprayed it with Army Painter varnish but it was too dull so I coated it with Future floor polish to bring up the shine. Normally I wouldn't finish a figure with Gloss but if you look at the Daleks on TV they are always shiny.

Next up were the Dalek Engineers. I made two of these, the only real difference between these and the regular ones is that the plunger is replaced with a pincer. They were painted the same way.

The 18th Dalek is their leader. I painted him as the Supreme Dalek so all black and white. His Eye stalk had broken before I got him so I simply drilled a hole and put in a round headed pin. He has a simple paint scheme of all black with white domes.

Here he is flanked by one of his drones and an engineer.

Here are a few group shots showing them in their shiny finery

I made a box to store them in. Its an old Ferrer Rocher box with a magnetic sheet glued to the bottom and a scan of the original box cover glued to the top.

Cybermen showing off their ability to walk down walls in formation

The almost complete set.
Right that's it for now. I have 2 more figures to paint up tomorrow before I hand this over to my friend on Saturday.


Sunday, 24 February 2013

Daleks vs Genestealers

I'm cracking on with the painting of the Daleks mentioned in the previous post - all based and undercoated now. As part of my attempt to keep on blogging I thought I would travel back in time to last April when I had a weekend of wargaming, mainly historical but with a bit of sci-fi thrown in as well.

April 2012
After a few cracking games of Black Powder, played as part of our ongoing colonial campaign based in the Sudan, my regular gaming partner and I needed some light entertainment so out came the original Space Hulk for a run through of the Cleanse and Burn mission. This mission sees the Marine player try to flame 4 rooms before the Genestealers wipe them out. My terminators had gone AWOL so the next best thing was my recently painted iDaleks that were released on the cover of the Dr Who magazine some time ago. We just played the Daleks as if they were terminators - nominating one in each squad as the flamer. Here are some photos of the game

The Daleks deploy - carefully guarding their rear
The first wave of Genestealers attack
Genestealers gathering their forces

The Daleks destroy their first target and approach the second - almost halfway there
Genestealer reinforcements are caught in an overwatch crossfire

The final potato spawning pod is destroyed and a Dalek victory is complete

The game was good fun - with lots of Exterminate! Exterminate! Hopefully the new (old) Daleks will be finished in time for my next post.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dr Who?

Someday I will get the hang of this blogging lark and begin to post more regularly. Part of the problem is I get distracted rather easily, a problem that many of us have I think. Anyway on with the post.

As some of you know I have been tracking down Dr Who minis for a friends 40th birthday. Eventually, thanks to the kindness of Thunderchicken over on LAF, I received this in the post:

Now my friend has bemoaned not buying this set in the 80's when it was first released so I thought - what better present to give him. Thunderchicken had warned me that some of the figures were assembled and painted so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found that less than half the figures were painted. 

The painted ones went straight into Dettol and after a couple of days the paint just peeled off the Cybermen and Daleks. A little bit of time spent cleaning up mold lines, which weren't that bad, and the Cybermen were ready for painting. The Cybermen are one piece casts so all 18 in the box are identical. I forgot to take any photos at this stage so its straight onto the finished Cyberhorde.


The Horde Grows
Cyber Morris Dancers
The Finished Horde
All in all I'm quite happy with them. If I got another box of them I would probably spend a bit of time varying the poses a bit. 

Next up: The Daleks