Saturday, 4 August 2012

Wolf Riders

I was originally going to talk about some of my side projects but the comments after my last post got me thinking about orc boar riders and goblin wolf riders both in terms of the quality and price of the figures.

First up the range of orc boar riders - I hate them, absolutely detest them. I think it was probably the first thing GW did with the orcs that I didn't like. The old Chronicle N15 wolf riders were fantastic intimidating characters very much as I imagined them while reading Tolkien. These were eventually replaced by the Orc Boar Riders and I'll apologise here to anyone who likes them but there is just something wrong with them. They've lost that inherent fierceness and it has been replaced by something else. You can have up to 40 boar riders in the 3rd edition list anf given that the Chronicle riders seem to be as rare as hens teeth they are not really an option - although if I could get 10 of them for the elite cavalry I might splash out.

The Goblin wolf riders on the other hand are one of my favourite ranges. Unfortunately they seem to be very popular and as mentioned in the comments go for silly prices. A quick glance at e-bay and you'll find individual riders for £5.50 or 5 riders and wolves for £25. Eventually I want up to 50 of them that's at least £250 plus postage which is way too much for my budget.

What's the solution then? Well I had a browse around the internet and found a few alternatives. These chaps are from Ral Partha's fantasy armies range and retail at £7.95 for 3.

02-061 Goblin Wolf Riders (3) - Click Image to Close

Alternatively they also have lesser goblins with hand weapons or bows, which retail at £6.95 for 6
 02-094 Lesser Goblin Wolf Riders w/bows (6) - Click Image to Close 02-093 Lesser Goblin Wolf Riders w/swords (6) - Click Image to Close

I'm not sure about the quality of the lesser goblins but I'll order a pack of each to get a closer look.

As for the orcs the old Grenadier range is available from Mirliton. They are similar in character to the Chronicle wolf riders, definitely a step up from the boar riders and at €9.63 a pair quite affordable.

Plus bulk orders from Mirliton get scaled discounts. I have some Grenadier orcs lurking in my horde already and they fit in quite well. So unless the market in Orc & Goblin cavalry is suddenly flooded with second hand minis it looks like this is the path I'll be taking.

That's it for now