Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I Want Them All

When I was a kid I used to stare at army lists and count up how many figures I would need to field every unit in an individual army. I'm sure it wasn't just me right? With the crazy numbers in the 3rd edition lists - 200 goblins and another 200 archers that always seemed unachievable on pocket money (is it just me or does anyone else hate the terms gobbo and sticka, it makes them seem more cartoony and less evil in my eyes but that's a subject for another post?).

Now that I'm an adult, albeit one who plays with toy soldiers, I find myself tempted to do the same thing again. Only this time I'm thinking to myself  'this is actually achievable. Its simple all I need to do is collect one of each Orc and Goblin that was released up to and including 3rd edition. Then add in any other Kev Adams sculpts from various manufacturers and that's that'. Simple really. If I was rich I suppose it would be.

However over time I think it is doable. I already have a good foundation to build on with the remnants of my old collection. Luckily I kept Skullcrusher, Leadbelcher and the Goblin Kings Chariot from the Machineries of Destruction range. I have the Goblin King and Bodyguard  Limited Editions and quite a few Orcs & Goblins as well as those that I have picked up on E-bay recently - including one under priced job lot that included all 8 of the Mothercrushers and another Goblin King & Bodyguard. At the moment all the minis are in various stages between the jars of Evergreen, getting undercoated and based before painting. When I have them all undercoated I'll put up some photos of the fledgling army.

So that's where the main focus of my Oldhammering is going - on fulfilling a childhood dream. Its going to take a while and I'm sure I'll end up taking short cuts along the way but at least it gives me something to aim for.

Next post I'll deal with some of the ideas for smaller side projects that I have rattling around in my head.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

To Sell or not To Sell....

As I was sorting through that box of old minis I found some odds and ends that I had forgotten about. I'm pretty sure that these are worth something on the open market but the question is would I regret selling them in the future? These include 2 Chaos Dwarves, the dwarf gyrocopter and 3 or 4 Chaos Thugs and 5 of those wonderful C27 Pygmies (Puff, Umpopo, Ugh, Agh & Og) as well as a dozen or so Bretonnian blister packs.

The Chaos Dwarves I don't really care for although you never know. As for the pygmies, well its quite likely that I would never use them BUT I could see myself regretting selling them if I ever headed off into the jungles of Lustria. The thing is what do you do with only 5 pygmies and it would cost a lot to make any sort of army out of them especially when I have more urgent needs at the moment.

The other alternative is to add a trade page to the blog and see what people might offer in exchange.

Decisions, decisions.

Friday, 27 July 2012

New Blog!

Well, first of all welcome to any one who reads this - which is my first post on my first blog. Already I'm beginning to wonder why I'm doing this or indeed how I got here.

Like many people my age, ie much closer to 40 than I care to admit, I started wargaming in the 80's and then took a long break while I got a life, a wife and a mortgage. Then I started hankering after games again. It started off with Axis and Allies: War at Sea - just buy the minis and play. Likewise with Wings of War. However that just didn't satisfy the old (young) gamer in me. It wasn't 3 dimensional enough, there was no scenery and I wasn't getting to paint anything. Naturally enough I wandered off into the world of historical wargames - 15mm colonial, 28mm Irish War of Independence and 28mm zombies (Well I wouldn't be a true wargamer if I didn't get distracted now would I).

Then this latest addiction began. OldhammerIt all began when I was looking for painting tips and I stumbled across Dave Kings site. All those beautiful old figures, many of which I had dreamed of owning when I was a kid. Cue disorganised e-bay purchases. From there it was a short trip to Thansants and his Orcs Drift collection. Cue slightly less disorganised e-bay purchases and online searches for scenarios and every White Dwarf I could find. But nothing recent you understand because They Who Shall Not Be Named are now evil as we all know and there current rules are not what I was looking for. 

While wandering around online I encountered the first mention of the Oldhammer Contract and realised this was what I was looking for. True retro gaming harking back to the days when an army could be made up of any manufactures minis and the emphasis was on fun not rules. One trip to my parents attic later and I discovered I still had a complete box set of Warhammer 2nd edition and most of my old minis (speaking of which I now realise I gave away most of the Nightmare Legion and both the Chaos Dwarf tenderiser and whirlwind!).

Right I think that's enough for now. Next post will deal with what direction I have decided to go in. Oh ok then I'll give you a hint - it involves Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Ogres and maybe Skaven. Did I mention the Undead. But that's it. See I'm much more focused than I was when all this started.

Thanks for reading this.

Just John