Thursday, 5 June 2014

Test scheme for the Ratlings

Just a quick post today. Painted the first of the Hasslefree Kindred yesterday. I decided to go for a fairly accurate WW1 uniform colour to go with the sculpting of the figure. I might need to do a bit more work on the leggings and spats and I think the hair on the feet might need a bit of a highlight but I'm fairly happy with it. I'm not sure about the gun either, I wanted it to 'not' be a 20th century rifle but I'm not sure how well that has come out. Still easy enough to change if needed.

I'm thinking of a fairly rural setting for these guys, partly to fit in with the WW1 theme and also because anything else just doesn't fit with my image of halflings. Oh and because I want to be able to reuse as much scenery as possible between these and my regular halflings.


  1. WW1 halflings, fantastic. I think he's looking pretty cool. I think you're right on highlighting the hair on the feet though.

  2. He is looking cool. The uniform is looking particularly nice. I suspect the the rifle painted in black and edge highlighted like a modern composite plastic would help to lift them forward in time a little.

  3. Lovely. The uniform has come out very nicely, as has the skin. I agree with theottovonbismark about a slightly different treatment making the weapon look more appropriately anachronistic (y'know, like during the historical hobbit wars).

    I got a pack of Army Painter "Meadow Flowers" tufts for adding the impression of undergrowth to my terrain a while back. I think that a clump or two of those on a reasonably dark green-ish brown base on these guys could look great: evocative of the Somme and the Shire simultaneously and with not too much effort involved either.

    That sculpt is quality. That will be a cool looking force. Very nice.

  4. Thanks all. I have a variety of tufts that I got from a company called Tajima which I hope will serve the same purpose as the Meadow Flowers. The remaining members of the force are on the way to me, now I just need to think about vehicles.