Monday, 30 June 2014

Terrain Tutorial: Nissen/Quonset Huts Part 2

Got some more work done on these today. I've decided to just build 7 of the 10 that I have prepared for now. I might try and do something different with the last 3, just to add a bit of variety to the collection.

I started off today by gathering the bits I needed for each hut. First off I cut out end pieces for the front and back. Then I cut out 2 pieces of card to use as doors.  Curiously I had originally cut out the doors to scale and they looked terrible, which just shows how unrealistically proportioned 28mm miniatures are. These are each 20mm x 30mm and they seem to work fine. Finally I trimmed 3 of the coffee holders to give me the longest and tallest piece possible, which works out at 210mm x 44m. 

Next I glued the doors in place at either end. I then cut a door shape out of the corrugated card. Its important to do this after you've glued the door in place as it allows you to hide any irregularities there are at both ends. Then give the ends a good coat of wood glue and attach the corrugated card. Don't press too hard as you will dent the corrugations. The end result should be something like this.

Next stage is the trickiest but its worth the extra effort to get the right finish. Take two pieces of corrugated card and trim them to the proper length. You need to make sure the cut is along the trough at both ends. It doesn't matter if there is a small overhang at either end. Now for the tricky bit. You need to break the rigidity of the card without damaging the corrugation.  The best way to do this is to carefully rub the back of the card along a table edge. This should allow you to put a curve in the card that will be similar to that on the pringles tube. Apply glue to the bottom of both sides of the Pringle tube and gently press the card in place. Again be careful not to dent the card too much. 

When it has dried a little brush glue along the remainder of the tube and press the card down. It should follow the curve of the tube and sit quite flush. Start putting elastic bands around the whole thing making sure that the card doesn't move. Take it slowly and check it continually. Eventually you should end up with this:

Try and make sure that the elastic bands stay within the troughs of the corrugation otherwise if they are too tight they can dent it. Once this has dried remove the elastic bands and cut the third piece of card to length. I left a slightly larger overhang at either end, probably one full corrugation this time.You need to break the rigidity of this piece too, but it doesn't have to be as curved as the previous ones. Then glue it in place. It should overlap the two lower pieces of card, presumably to protect any joints from the rain but I think it also provided ventilation. Put the elastic bands around the hut and voila the construction is finished. Repeat ad nauseum (this being a vaguely 40k post I figured I better use some Latin, apologies for not making up the words ;-))

This is how many I have done at this stage
The astute amongst you will have noticed the lack of windows in these huts. It should have been simple to add a window on either side of the door but when I tried it out it just looked odd. I figured they could do without it as they a) are more secure and b) have electricity inside them. That's my story and I'm sticking to it anyway. I think if the tubes had been the proper size the windows wouldn't have looked so odd. 

That's it so far, next up will be painting and basing. Hopefully I'll get that done tomorrow (World Cup allowing) If you have any queries ask in the comments and I'll do my best to answer them.


  1. mmmm...thats a lot of yummy pringles! I'll make a whole city of these!

    Great tutorial...thanks!

  2. Thanks Blue, yes pringles are an essential part of any wargamers diet - just for the scenery potential you understand ;-)

  3. Great work John.

    Did you find that the last one that you made was significantly better than the first? Or did you work out the knack immediately?

    40K isnt the sort of environment where employees have an Emperor given right to sunlight anyway. Plus the star that Krellborn IX spins around generates too much harmful radioctivity for windows anyway. Yeah, thats it.