Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Leprecians/Leprechauns or Tomato/Tomato

I'm getting tired of writing ratlings, kindred and scavengers and space hobbits doesn't cut it with me so what do I call them collectively? Well being Irish I couldn't help but think about Leprechauns. No I'm not going to call them Leprechauns, well not quite anyway. A few years ago I was told by friends who worked as tour guides on various historical sites that people were asking them about the Leprecians. It took a while for the penny to drop that these tourists were mis-pronouncing Leprechauns and had somehow got it into their heads that Leprechauns and Leprecians were two distinct aspects of Irish folklore. Anyway in honour of tourists worldwide I have decided that my space hobbits are the inhabitants of Leprecia IX and henceforth shall be known as Leprcians.

I've almost finished the first batch of Leprecians, basically just need to touch up a few bits, varnish them and add some tufts to the bases. I'm still not sure about the rifles, I tried them black but it looked wrong on them so instead I've gone for this 'definitely not wood' colour.

I toying with the idea of painting some body camouflage on these guys to complete the Rambo/Arnie in Predator look but I'm nervous about it. I'll probably varnish them first and then give it a go.

I have 15 more kindred either en route to me or ready for painting but I think I need a bit of a change so these guys have jumped ahead in the queue. The 4 anteaters are from Eureka Miniatures Pax Limpopo range and I love 'em. They were kindly donated by Cheetor in exchange for the Ramires figure. I will definitely need to get a few more of them.

They are closely modelled on the French Foreign Legion so I plan on painting them like this

The only thing I haven't decided on yet is the skin tone for the anteaters. Obviously there are only two choices (as shown below). I'm not sure how blue skin would go with the blue coat, perhaps I will paint the first one blue to see how it looks. Any ideas?


  1. The yellowish colour is fine on them guns. If you are doing camouflage paint on them the key thing is that less is more. It is far to easy to end up overdoing it.

  2. You are flying through those now, nice work.

    Leprecia IX has a nice ring to it. I wouldnt go for blue skin/pelt and navy or blue uniform myself. Try the camo on something else first, Im sure that you have a few spare models knocking around. It would be a shame to ruin those beefy little guys.

  3. Thanks lads. I'll try out camo on some other figure first and see how that works.