Friday, 27 June 2014

Conclave 2014

The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic and between the rare summer like weather, the world cup and lots of guests I have had very little painting time. I did however go to my first wargaming convention in about 20 years last weekend and I have to say it was great. As long as I stayed well away from the tournament games which just made me cringe. But enough about that and onto the good stuff.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked into the room was this little piece from Warlord Games (apologies for the glare on the photos):

That's Warlords version of Pegasus Bridge in 28mm. Simon, from the Gathering, was running games of Bolt Action at this table all weekend and I have to say it was great fun. Not the most historically accurate rule set ever written but definitely one for heroics and derring-do. Warlord include a mini-campaign with the box set and we played through the whole thing over the weekend. All credit to the lads at the Gathering who built that terrain board and painted everything in the space of a couple of days to have it ready for the weekend.

The Wee Gamers put on a few demo games as well. I finally got to try out Saga, a game of Dark Age combat published by Gripping Beast and Tomahawk Studios. This is is simple but bloody game that I have only ever heard good things about and I have to say its good fun. The rules are easy to pick up and once you get your head around the dice allocation and battle boards it fast and furious.

These are both games that I want to play more of as they are relatively cheap to assemble usable armies. When I got home I started digging through boxes of minis and eyeing up starter armies when I remembered that I had a bunch of Wargames Foundry Vikings lying around that I had got about a year age and promptly forgotten about. These are solid based versions of the original Citadel minis and are perfect for my needs.

Hirdmen (Hearthguard)
Bondi (Warriors)
Thralls (Levies)

There doesn't seem to be an allowance for archers in the Viking forces but I'm sure they'll come in useful somewhere along the way. Along with the box of Dark Age warriors I've ordered that is the bulk of a Viking warband for Saga, at least for starters anyway. I've also ordered the dice and traded some stuff I didn't want any more for the rules and battleboards. 

The Wee Games also put on a demo game of All Quite on the Martian front, a new game which pits a kind of steam punk US army against Martian tripods. Its set a few years after the events of HG Wells The War of the Worlds and while I'm not sure I like the tanks I can see myself getting some tripods to use in other games. Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos of the game but there are plenty on the Wee Gamers facebook page. All in all it was a good weekend and I met a few more gamers from around the Limerick area. 

Next post will be back to the Leprecians and hopefully I will have some scenery for the game we're putting on at Brocon 2014 ready to show.


  1. Like 'em? Use 'em. Screw the army lists!

    1. Hi Paul, long time no speak! Its not so much a problem of army lists but fitting them into the Battle Boards. It can probably be done easy enough, I just won't know until I have the rules & boards in front of me.

    2. Yes mate, it's been too long. There is always a place in Saga for chucking a single dice into activating a shoot on some warriors. Vikings are getting pounded at my club at the mo because players have gone close-combat heavy and become predictable. I won a local tournament (not something I shout about in Oldhammer circles) with Welsh as they had the tools for every job the scenarios threw our way. Melee oriented forces suffered, particularly Vikings, so I am thinking of running them next time but with a few tactical twists.

    3. I'll ignore the bit about the tournament then :-) I suppose its easy enough to just use the basic activation dice to shoot instead of melee. I'm looking our for the new supplement (Raven of the North) so I can play some Irish forces and fight some local battles.

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  2. Very cool stuff...both Saga and Bolt Action are things I've been hoping to gain some experience with myself. I've heard of Saga/Warhammer hybrids that work well as skirmish games for small warhammer forces that I would be interested in learning more about....that way I wouldn't have to buy yet more figures to paint....though those viking you have are perfect!

    1. There are home brew battleboards out there somewhere for each of the races, but I reckon once you get to know the game it wouldn't be too difficult to make your own mixing and matching from various boards.