Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Harboths Orc Archers

The first unit that I painted up are Harboth's Orc Archers, one of the second wave of Regiments of Renown first released in 1986 I think. This is what the finished unit looks like. Now I know I haven't finished their shields but I need to come up with a design, or a couple of designs, that will unify the army that I'm building.

Heres how they looked back in the day and with the text from the back of the box below.

...And so it was that Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys moved out of the Black Fire Pass to terrorise the lands beyond. The uneasy partnership between the Black Mountain Boys and Notlob’s bolt-thrower crews was dissolved, over a trivial misunderstanding due to the limited nature of the Orcish language. The Orcish Word for moving out can also mean deserting, running away or soiling one’s underwear...

EQUIPMENTImpressed by Notlob’s missile weapons, the Black Mountain
Boys armed themselves with bows in addition to the normal
Dwarf Tickler and mail coat.
The earlier battlecry of ‘Pulp the Stunties’ is still used, as well 
as various chants about Notlob, his attitude to danger and the 
state of his underwear.
DEEDSAt the Battle of Bauer’s Farm the Black Mountain Boys were
mauled by a force including the 17th (Bafon Olaf’s Own)
Regiment of Foot and a contingent of the Stirland Free Foresters.
Following this setback, they crossed into the Border Princes in
search of easier pickings
UNIFORMSTheir uniforms are generally ragged cast-offs obtained from past
victims of approximately the right size.
SHIELDSFrom the shields of the adventurers met (and subsequently eaten)
by Harboth, the Black Mountain Boys discovered the concept of
pictoral art, and now their shields are painted with the faces of
particularly noteworthy victims.

PROFILES - 2nd edition
Harboth - Orc Major Hero
Yaskin Forit - Orc Champion
Yaskin Forit4444413175779.75
Extra for standard 33.75
Extra for drummer 13.5

My unit of Harboths archers has the 4 command figures and 16 troopers. On
a side note everything seems to be done in tens these day whereas in the 80's
units were quite randomly sized. Must start thinking that way - even if it is
for variety. Using the profile and points from above that works out at 281.25
points (Harboth 100.5, Yaskin Forit 9.5, Standard 33.75, Drummer
13.5, Troopers (16 x 7.75) 124).

I think I will have to open a second page to keep track of the units and a
running total of the points for the army. Speaking of points does anyone
know of a simple conversion from 2nd ed to 3rd points?

Slán go fóill


  1. Great to see a good paint job on some of my favorite figures

  2. Agreed! one of my favorite RoRs...and one I'm still trying to get ahold of. Your look fantastic...other than those round bases...;)

  3. @ James - very kind of you, always loved the figures myself and they were the first RoR I completed when I got back into this.

    @ Blue - you will be converted to the round bases. Ideal for skirmish and with a sabot base ideal for ranked units. Win Win!

  4. There is a point system in the 3rd. ed. rulebook, but if you use Armies for the calculation your 20 models work out at 369pts(had to fudge it a bit, harboth's stat are between those of lvl 15-25 heroes, i put him at lvl20, the delightfully named mr Forit i put at lvl5)

  5. Thanks for that info Jacob - I might try a way to list the 2 sets of points side by side.

  6. Very nice indeed John - I look forward to seeing what you come up with for the shield design.

    Any plans on adding Notlob and his crew to the army at some point?

  7. Notlob is on the to do list. I have one bolt thrower painted and have another 3 to do but I might take a break from the orcs for a while after finishing the 2 regiments I'm working on.