Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Dr Who?

Someday I will get the hang of this blogging lark and begin to post more regularly. Part of the problem is I get distracted rather easily, a problem that many of us have I think. Anyway on with the post.

As some of you know I have been tracking down Dr Who minis for a friends 40th birthday. Eventually, thanks to the kindness of Thunderchicken over on LAF, I received this in the post:

Now my friend has bemoaned not buying this set in the 80's when it was first released so I thought - what better present to give him. Thunderchicken had warned me that some of the figures were assembled and painted so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found that less than half the figures were painted. 

The painted ones went straight into Dettol and after a couple of days the paint just peeled off the Cybermen and Daleks. A little bit of time spent cleaning up mold lines, which weren't that bad, and the Cybermen were ready for painting. The Cybermen are one piece casts so all 18 in the box are identical. I forgot to take any photos at this stage so its straight onto the finished Cyberhorde.


The Horde Grows
Cyber Morris Dancers
The Finished Horde
All in all I'm quite happy with them. If I got another box of them I would probably spend a bit of time varying the poses a bit. 

Next up: The Daleks


  1. Looking good - always fancied this box set but unfortunately they don't scale well with the Blacktree/Harlequin lead minis.

    Your mate is going to be made up when he gets them!

    What colour scheme are you going for with the Daleks?

    1. Thanks for that. Hopefully he'll be chuffed - I don't think I could survive another 25 years of regrets :)

      I was thinking of a simple Gry scheme as seen in Genesis of the Daleks. I have a BTD 4th Doctor & Davros on the way as well as a Citadel Davros. Theres a great guid to the colour schemes here