Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dr Who & the Daleks

Next up are the Daleks from Citadels old plastic box set. The 5 of these that were painted when they arrived didn't clean up quite as well as the Cybermen but nothing too bad. I just want to say something about painting Daleks -those bloody domes on the chasis are a right pain in the arse. There are 56 on each Dalek - I painted 18 Daleks, that's 1008 small domes to be painted. I was a nervous wreck by the end of it. I'm sure anyone who has painted Daleks before knows what I mean.

First up are the Dalek Drones that make up the bulk of the horde. I painted 15 of these guys, using Vallejo & GW paints. The main body is London Grey with a wash of Badab Black. Metal bits are Vallejo Silver and the domes are Black. I then sprayed it with Army Painter varnish but it was too dull so I coated it with Future floor polish to bring up the shine. Normally I wouldn't finish a figure with Gloss but if you look at the Daleks on TV they are always shiny.

Next up were the Dalek Engineers. I made two of these, the only real difference between these and the regular ones is that the plunger is replaced with a pincer. They were painted the same way.

The 18th Dalek is their leader. I painted him as the Supreme Dalek so all black and white. His Eye stalk had broken before I got him so I simply drilled a hole and put in a round headed pin. He has a simple paint scheme of all black with white domes.

Here he is flanked by one of his drones and an engineer.

Here are a few group shots showing them in their shiny finery

I made a box to store them in. Its an old Ferrer Rocher box with a magnetic sheet glued to the bottom and a scan of the original box cover glued to the top.

Cybermen showing off their ability to walk down walls in formation

The almost complete set.
Right that's it for now. I have 2 more figures to paint up tomorrow before I hand this over to my friend on Saturday.



  1. I certainly sympathise with you on the domes! Mind you, you should try painting up some of the lead Blacktree/Harlequin Daleks that have some bad miscast issues and mould lines to be ceaned away from their domes first...

    Good choice of colour schemes - my fave.

  2. Thanks, I felt I had to watch Genesis of the Daleks to 'research' the colour scheme. Can't beat the old classic sci-fi - I watched Blake 7 last year, this year its Dr. Who. Sets leave a bit to be desired, and the props, and the costumes but apart from that - oh and the makeup :)