Sunday, 24 February 2013

Daleks vs Genestealers

I'm cracking on with the painting of the Daleks mentioned in the previous post - all based and undercoated now. As part of my attempt to keep on blogging I thought I would travel back in time to last April when I had a weekend of wargaming, mainly historical but with a bit of sci-fi thrown in as well.

April 2012
After a few cracking games of Black Powder, played as part of our ongoing colonial campaign based in the Sudan, my regular gaming partner and I needed some light entertainment so out came the original Space Hulk for a run through of the Cleanse and Burn mission. This mission sees the Marine player try to flame 4 rooms before the Genestealers wipe them out. My terminators had gone AWOL so the next best thing was my recently painted iDaleks that were released on the cover of the Dr Who magazine some time ago. We just played the Daleks as if they were terminators - nominating one in each squad as the flamer. Here are some photos of the game

The Daleks deploy - carefully guarding their rear
The first wave of Genestealers attack
Genestealers gathering their forces

The Daleks destroy their first target and approach the second - almost halfway there
Genestealer reinforcements are caught in an overwatch crossfire

The final potato spawning pod is destroyed and a Dalek victory is complete

The game was good fun - with lots of Exterminate! Exterminate! Hopefully the new (old) Daleks will be finished in time for my next post.


  1. Great, perhaps would be fun to have proper rules for daleks in 40k!

  2. I'm sure someone somewhere has done it, if not I think it might be time :) Wasn't there a Dalek in one of the Journal scenarios for WFB? The Monastery at somewhere or other.