Monday, 15 October 2012

Where Are They Now? Men-fish

Having mentioned these in the last post I realised I had never heard of them before, nor seen the miniatures. According to Warhammer 1st edition they are a 'strange synthesis of man and fish, humanoid but scaled and capable of living underwater as well as on land.' They are equally at home in the sea or fresh water and mount night raids on the fishing villages of any of the other races whether human, elf or goblin. (No I didn't know goblins could fish either)

Stats:  Move     WS    BS   Strength Toughness Wounds Initiative Attacks
           3/3.5     3       2         2              B          1          2            1

Special Rules

  • Men-fish FEAR fire and direct sunlight
  • Men-fish have NIGHT VISION upto 30"
  • They can move through or over water and boggy ground at normal speeds
According to the rules the figures were available as C22/3 but the only ones I could find were released as in the Fiend Factory as FF65-2 Ferocious Man-Fish (various) in December 1982. Not the greatest figure ever and not really that ferocious if you ask me.

(Picture from CcnWiki)

That's about as it good as it got for the poor old FM-F. They had vanished from the Warhammer world by the time 2nd edition rolled around never to be seen again. I guess with a stat line like the one above they just couldn't survive or maybe global warming caused had a sever affect on their habitat - who knows? Now I'm off to e-bay to see if I can find any. 


  1. GW didn't seem to get on with things of a fishy nature - I gather only one Piscean warrior miniature was ever produced for Rogue Trader. Can't even remember seeing any rules for them either?

    I feel a bit sorry for the poor old menfish now.

    Happy fishing anyhow!

  2. I have never heard of these guys...and must agree that the figures are quite dreadful. Thanks for the education!

  3. At least two were done for Laserburn...

    Think they're available from Foundry now. Or was.